About realEASE

Relax, take a few deep breaths and go easy on yourself - It is safe to let go of your high expectations, your stress, your fear now.

You CAN transform your life and live the life you love, in sync with your Subconscious Power!
I’m Muriël Dalmulder, International Life- and Leadership Coach and Trainer of Excellence. 
Ever since I was a child, I knew it is my gift, my talent, to help people to be happy.

I was highly sensitive and could feel others pain. I saw what was the issue and I was able to help them release what was in the way by using energy and intuition. I loved being of service for others though at that time I wasn’t ready for it yet, I was too young.  

Life has been good to me. I lived life to the max, had a great social network and a loving family. And by chance, I rolled into a great first job at Red Bull. On the outside my life looked beautiful, I was working for an amazing brand and traveled the world. 

And still, deep down there was always something missing I just didn't know what! I felt too responsible for others, my job, the company I worked for, my friends, family, my partner. I cared about and took care of everybody else but myself. And this I was doing my whole life.

Going to the inner depths of myself I found yoga, energy work, and meditation to regain my balance and get in touch with my heart and intuition and still something was missing.

I had to lose all my stable ground, my job and my financial independence, to break through the deepest layers of myself, the layers of all my conditions and coping mechanisms. Time Line Therapy ®, Meditation, and Hypnotherapy enabled me to open the door to my subconscious power.


Time Line Therapy ® is THE technique used to assist people who are struggling to rid their life of negative feelings and emotions as well as all limiting decisions and beliefs.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the study of excellence, I created my unshakeable and powerful mindset. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a method of influencing brain behavior (NEURO) through the use of language (LINGUISTIC) and other types of communication to enable a person to "reprogram" the way the brain responds to stimuli (PROGRAMMING) and manifest new and better behaviors. 

Ten years ago I again decided to follow my life's mission to help people to be happy from within and create profound change. I studied all that was needed to take you to your deepest layers. I became American Board of NLP certified Master Timeline Therapist, Master Hypnotist, and NLP Trainer.

Wanting to get more out of meditation I studied Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, THE way to train your brain muscles, responsible for 97% of our behavior, to be happy. 

All the above is how I went from being physically immobile to now being a successful entrepreneur, living from my heart and doing what I love most! I help you to release limiting beliefs, conditioning and negative emotions that now create a shield around your subconscious power through awareness and insights and more profound through Timeline Therapy, Meditation, and Hypnotherapy. 

I help you to reprogram and train your brain to have an unshakeable mindset and all the life force energy you need. Whatever curveball life throws at you, you’ll have all the resources to deal with it. You’ll be resilient to stress, balanced in work and life and in alignment with your purpose to shine your light on the world and feel happy from within. 

I'll use my more than 17 years experience working as communications manager in the corporate world, empowering people and teams to get the best out of themselves while maintaining my own work-life balance.

How I was able to bring Real EASE in the life of my clients

A re-set for life

"The Coaching sessions with Muriël were something I never experienced before. It was a complete reset of my system. with her guidance, I transformed all that no longer served me anymore into abundance in life. I still from today benefit from this and I am so grateful for this."

You won't believe til you see it!

"I’m grateful for all I’ve learned from Muriël. She really brightened my life, guided me through the most difficult period in my life, helped me to deal with my fear and stress, let go of my wounded child and create the life I desire!"

It's al in the mind!

"A short conversation with Muriël can chance your mindset to positive. I call her sometimes when is have trouble at work"